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There's so much to report and write about when it comes to Africa travel, conservation, culture etc... It's a challenge for anyone interested in Africa, and in particular travel, to keep in touch with the latest news and experiences emanating from this large and ever changing continent.

That's where our Africa Blog - THE SMOKESIGNAL comes in handy. We regularly post a variety of the latest news and travel ideas from Africa to inspire people to travel there. Stories from the most experienced guides & conservationists living in the bush. And there's nothing better for us than people who've travelled with SMOKESILVER to share your own travel experiences in THE SMOKESIGNAL.


The Grace of Flying

Spectacular short film of one of Africa's most experienced safari pilot/guides, Henk Schoeman flying in Namibia ...


Coffee, Christianity with a hot pinch of salt

Asking those that know the country well, where is Ethiopia similar to, the reply has often been “Nowhere. It’s unique. Go there and see why”...



Embrace the final opportunity to witness one of nature’s most spectacular sightings and head to the Masai Mara in Kenya for the wildebeest migration before it heads back south in to the Serengeti. ...