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The Republic of Congo represents Africa at its most wild and untamed. For a long time largely closed off to tourism, this former French colony has in recent years opened up to outsiders, and today attracts growing numbers of visitors and safari-goers. The country’s primary wilderness attraction is its population of western lowland gorillas, among the largest in the world, and its huge swathes of pristine rainforest, rivers and swamp, which form part of the larger Congo Basin. Those who do choose to venture to this remote and unique safari destination will find a truly wild Africa, largely uncharted by travellers and almost entirely untouched by development and mass tourism.

Located in the remote north of the country, in the heart of the Congo Basin, Odzala-Kokoua National Park is the Congo’s most spectacular safari park. It is home, not just to gorillas, but also to a host of other primates, including chimpanzees, as well as large populations of forest elephant and buffalo.

Its stunning biodiversity makes it unique among African safari parks, and presents excellent game viewing opportunities – day and night game drives, river safaris, and forest walking safaris are all possible, ensuring a thrilling safari.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the third largest country in Africa with the largest number of national heritage sites of any country in Africa and hosts an astonishing variety of wildlife including Eastern Lowland gorillas, mountain gorillas, bonobos, chimpanzees, forest elephant and much more.

It has one of the most ecologically diverse landscapes on the continent: the snow peaks and glaciers of the fabled Ruwenzori Mountains, great lakes tropical lowland forests, the grass land savannas of the Rwindi plains, Albertine Rift Montane Forests and the Eastern Congolian swamp forests. Virunga National Park in Eastern DRC is one of the most dramatic backdrops for a national park throughout the continent with its active volcanoes Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira and is home to the endangered mountain gorillas. With the mountain gorillas in the Virungas and the Eastern Lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega, DRC has a variety of different opportunities for the traveller.

DRC is also world renowned for its ancient sculptures and masks which can be seen in museums all over the world. The variety of art styles and the abundance of its production make DRC a centre of exceptional artistic riches and one of the most remarkable in Black Africa in terms of traditional arts. It is indeed Art Collectors Paradise.



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ALL YOU Need to know

  • The Congo rainforest is the world's second largest rainforest. It is home to more than 11,000 species of plants. Over 1,000 of these are unique to the Congo.
  • DRC has 1,148 species of birds. The 10th highest in the world and the most in Africa. 
  • The rainforest people of the Congo are known as Pygmies. The average height of Pygmy men is just 4 feet 10 inches (1.45 meters) and the women only 4 feet 1 inch (1.33 meters).
  • The Congo rainforest is the only place where all 3 subspecies of gorillas can be found - the mountain gorilla, lowland gorilla, and the eastern lowland gorilla.
  • Bonobos are found only in the Congo rainforest, they are the closest relatives to human beings. 
  • The African forest elephant, only found in the Congo rainforest, is smaller than the savannah elephant and has downward-projecting tusks.
  • The okapi looks like a cross between a giraffe and a horse. It is often called a forest giraffe. It is brown and has white striped legs.


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