The 115 granite and coral islands that form the Seychelles archipelago are known worldwide as being amongst the most beautiful in the world.

With breathtaking lush tropical vegetation, pristine white beaches and deep turquoise lagoons, it is genuinely a tropical paradise.

Whilst of course the beaches and the consistently warm and sunny weather are the main draw cards, nature lovers can explore marine parks, the ancient coco de mer palm forest and three fascinating island nature reserves. Expect to see rare land and sea birds, endemic flora, giant tortoises and even the world's largest nut, the unique coco de mer.


Dive or snorkel to explore the bountiful coral reefs which are teeming with fish, sea turtles, whale, sharks and manta rays. Or take a helicopter flight to watch the archipelago's stunning array of islands unfold beneath you. Additional watersports offered at most hotels include fishing and sailing as well as more tranquil pursuits such as yoga, spa and meditation. Or just relax and read a book on the stunning beaches.

Accommodation in the Seychelles is amongst the best in the world offering luxury resorts and small boutique hotels, mostly located on the granite-filled main island of Mahé, or eco-retreats on far-flung, private islands. Experience the fusion of Indian, European and Creole with spicy dishes and fresh seafood. Seychellois chefs are some of the most talented in the world.

It sounds like a cliché but with swaying coconut trees, the sweet scent of frangipani and the dramatic violet and orange sunsets holidays to the Seychelles offer the perfect, romantic spot to ‘pop the question’ or enjoy your honeymoon. And with safe bathing beaches and brilliant facilities the Seychelles is also a haven for family holidays.






  • The granitic islands of the Seychelles are the oldest oceanic islands on Earth.
  • Victoria, the capital, is the smallest capital in the world.
  • About 50% of land area of Seychelles is set aside either as nature reserve or national park. This is the highest percentage of land mass which any country has set aside for nature reserve.
  • Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond novels and short stories, named his character Milton Krest after a tonic and ginger beer that he tasted while vacationing in Seychelles. 
  • Seychelles has several unique endemic species. These include the paradise flycatcher, the warbler, the jelly fish tree, and the female Coco de Mer, which is the world’s heaviest nut or seed weighing up to 33 pounds. 
  • The country is home to the heaviest land tortoise that is living in the wild. Named Esmeralda, the animal weighs 304 kilograms and can be found at the Bird Island.


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